Reclaimed wood furniture

Beautiful solid wood, aged by Nature

Discover solid wood furniture, reclaimed from old buildings, doors, fences, beams, benches and more.

Beautiful and environmentally-conscious, our reclaimed wood furniture statements are the perfect eco-friendly addition to your living room, bedroom, and dining area.

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With an exceptional aesthetic forged by nature, every piece showcases a beautiful unmistakable wood grain and texture. No two pieces are ever alike, each with its own unique appearance and character.

The story of reclaimed wood furniture begins with a tree, usually the Tectona Grandis or Teak tree, one of South East Asia’s most prized woods for furniture. The tree is felled, and turned into a building or structure, and the wood’s natural strength and high oil content allow it to withstand the elements for decades, gradually transforming every piece of wood into a natural work of art.

Instead of allowing the disused building to fall into decay, we see the potential of this beautifully seasoned wood, imbued with character, hidden beauty, and stories. Every piece is different and unique, each bearing marks of its own history and journey. Touching the small nail holes, cracks or old joints recalls stories of the wood’s exotic, tropical past.

Sorting and preparing the wood is a time consuming and labour intensive process. Skilled wood craftsmen carefully remove nails and hinges by hand, one by one.

Under the carpenters’ masterful hands, the wood comes alive again, becoming part of a refreshed, contemporary design aesthetic, ready to bring its presence, character, and charm into bold living spaces.

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