Fine industrial styled furniture

Transform your home with the industrial decor aesthetic

Find your industrial furnishing needs at Journey East

Originating from warehouses, factories and other industrial spaces, industrial-style furniture has become a hit with chic and luxe interior spaces around the world.

It's bold, strong lines are often accentuated by heavy metals, upcycled pipes and rustic salvaged materials that is utilitarian yet inventive, such as reclaimed wood and recycled metals.

A mix of new and old-world charm can be found in pieces crafted to the industrial aesthetic, and every one of our industrial-styled furnishing pieces paints an interesting story for the space.

Don't just limit its capability to an 'unfinished-looking' space: industrial-styled furniture is versatile enough to be paired with any decor style, whether you are going for a modern, contemporary space, or a unique steampunk-inspired decor.